I like people who take an interest in the work of others.


First of all, Is there anything that defines a professional more than his portfolio? In Behance I usually upload the projects in which I have participated that I like the most, as well as some idea that I came up with. There are usually between 1 and 5, I redesign the projects, removing old and uploading new.

Lets get on with it, I work in communication and digital marketing. I think ideas, create messages and establish strategies that meet an objective, which can be conversions, creation of a community, automations, brand positioning, etc.

When I work, the truth is that I do nothing. I don’t design websites, I don’t do any SEO, tweets, posts, stories, nor do I manage social networks. I don’t make gifs nor memes. I don’t do campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Linkeding Ads. I don’t give ideas, I don’t go to meetings or accept changes. I do nothing at all. Because I don't do a thing until I find the concept and the perfect medium to start building something that works.

If you want to know more about my work, take a look at my LinkedIn 😉


Primer premio Jóvenes Creativos

Asociación 361º

Premio a mejor Campaña Publicitaria
Coco School – 2016

Premio a mejor Idea Publicitaria
Coco School – 2016

Now that you know my work a bit better, what do you think of me at a professional level? 😏